Electronic Mosquito bites control

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mosquito trap

This simple electronic tool is used as a Mosquitos trap to repel and kill Mosquitos in your house, office, backyard and home. It has three different frequencies to handle different types of Mosquitos.

The frequency emitted by this tool is ultrasonic sound frequency, which may not be audible to elderly people, but audible to children and babies.New born Babies can hear ultrasonic frequency. If you are blasting with a high volume speaker, make sure that there is no baby around the area, because the frequency can damage the baby ear drum.

Mosquitoes are members of a family of nematocerid flies the Culicidae . The word "mosquito" is from the Spanish or Portuguese for little fly. Many species of mosquitoes are not blood eaters and many of them create a high to low pressure in the blood does not transmit disease. Also in the bloodsucking species, only the females suck blood.

Over 3,500 species of mosquitoes have already been described from various parts of the world. Some mosquitoes that bite humans routinely act as vectors for a number of infectious diseases affecting millions of people per year.Others that do not routinely bite humans, but are the vectors for animal diseases.


Mosquito Species

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